Yes, I'm "a little bit" neurotic what came about organizational. And I know there is many people like me. World isn't perfect yet. I think we can't forget the naming conventions even we want to. In these days it's more and more important to keep files and folders ordered and safe because we have much more data than before. This whole thing called "DAM" (Digital Asset Management).

So, it's cleaning time and christmas is coming... I have folder structure and naming convention principals that have worked very well along past years. But now I wan't make those even simplified because it seems that I have too many folders around projects. If there is too many folders you'll found yourself from clicking too much around system and it could be hard to find files from complex folder structures. I try to avoid that.

I made this "Folder Structure & Naming Convention" image as in size of my desktop to make it usable in wallpaper. So I can put it to the other monitor and check it everytime when I forget something about my organizational rules. Even those are simple rules, I still can forget those and then I mess up my system...

There is good posts around the web about this topic and here is couple of those: