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My First Blender Add-on

I've been working with my first actual Blender add-on called Render Farts. Yes, the name is quite unique but I wanted to name it something funny. At the beginning of the prototype phase, it was named to Render Parts but that feels a little bit boring.

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12.02.2015No Comments

Free Storyboard Template

I made "Storyboard Template" for my own usage and maybe someone finds it's useful too. There is two different sizes of the layout. Other is for the A4 print size and other is Full HD 1920x1080. Enjoy!

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Create 3D Strokes in After Effects (Without 3rd party plug-ins)

I have tried to find some tricks to make 3D Strokes in After Effects without any 3rd Party Plug-ins (like Trapcode 3D Stroke). First it seems tricky quest to make it with shapes/strokes because they cannot be used in 3D space in this case. So I need to figure out how to make this with After Effect's "CC World Particles" plugin, which comes by default.

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General Folder Structure & Naming Convention

Yes, I'm "a little bit" neurotic what came about organizational. And I know there is many people like me. World isn't perfect yet. I think we can't forget the naming conventions even we want to. In these days it's more and more important to keep files and folders ordered and safe because we have much more data than before. This whole thing called "DAM" (Digital Asset Management).

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UI Devices – After Effects Demo

I made this little flat style animation demo a couple weeks ago. Just for fun and train some animation skills in After Effects. Enjoy!

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Stylizer – “The Magic Gun to Control Styles in Adobe Illustrator”

Here is a little "sneak peek" video from my upcoming Adobe Illustrator script called Stylizer.

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05.08.20141 Comment

How to Make Color ID Map in Blender 2.71 (Cycles)

In this post I will show how I figured out workflow to make ID Map/Color ID map. This process included "custom color material", "atlas mapping" and "baking process" in Blender 2.71.  It's not big deal and hope this could help you a little bit...

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24.04.20141 Comment

Blender 2.71 – Rendering Fire and Smoke in Cycles

There is so much always happening in Blender scene. We just got the 2.7 version which was very good and with so many new features. Next 2.71 version update will bring up the smoke and fire to the Cycles rendering engine! This is so epic and I have been waiting this for a long time.

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Blender Radial Gradient Texture

This is only small tip how to create "Radial Gradient" in Cycles. This can be useful like in ground planes where you want to fade out to outer edges or something like that. You can also use this to mix two textures together.

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Game Project “The Crater”

Lately I have been working with game in my freetime. This is my personal project where I want to learn more about Unity and how the game development process going.

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