There is so much always happening in Blender scene. We just got the 2.7 version which was very good and with so many new features. Next 2.71 version update will bring up the smoke and fire to the Cycles rendering engine! This is so epic and I have been waiting this for a long time.

You can test out this new feature in newest development Blender build. Just download it from Blender Buildbot and you are ready to go.

I made that really fast test with fire and smoke (sorry about the low resolution). You can download the source blend file from here: Blender - Basic Smoke And Fire Test (382 downloads)

Smoke and Fire shader tutorial

There is also good tutorial for making fire and smoke shader. I followed that shader setup in my experinmental.

Rendering fire and smoke with CPU is slow and there is not support for the GPU rendering at the moment.