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Stylizer – “The Magic Gun to Control Styles in Adobe Illustrator”

Here is a little "sneak peek" video from my upcoming Adobe Illustrator script called Stylizer.

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05.08.20141 Comment

How to Make Color ID Map in Blender 2.71 (Cycles)

In this post I will show how I figured out workflow to make ID Map/Color ID map. This process included "custom color material", "atlas mapping" and "baking process" in Blender 2.71.  It's not big deal and hope this could help you a little bit...

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24.04.20141 Comment

Blender 2.71 – Rendering Fire and Smoke in Cycles

There is so much always happening in Blender scene. We just got the 2.7 version which was very good and with so many new features. Next 2.71 version update will bring up the smoke and fire to the Cycles rendering engine! This is so epic and I have been waiting this for a long time.

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Simple Camera Move Around the Object in Blender

Let's do simple camera move around the object. We want to also to watch the object all the time. There is many ways to do this and here is couple of them.

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Sketching Cartoon Objects

It's quite long time since last post. I have done much different things lately, like web- and UI-design, web-programming (JS and PHP), study some Unity3D basics and of course much of 3D stuff. Currently I'm trainee in company called UNDO. This is great place where is good technical and creative people working in. So I got a great opportunity to learn some nice tricks from the real professionals!

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09.12.20121 Comment

First Steps to Human Sculpting

I've always wondered how those great digital sculptors made those incredible images. I'm very far from that still and that's not suprice because this was actually my first human sculpting in 3D program 🙂 I've used sculpting tools just in props details, but never tried to sculpt human character. I think this was my weakest point in 3D skills. Now I try to learn it some because there is so much new possibilities in 3D if you can sculpt well.

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Ninja Game Character

This "Ninja Character to Unity" is my experimental studies with Unity and Blender workflow. I also want to make some low poly modeling after a long time. I forgot how nice it's to make low poly "art" 🙂

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Python Lotto

Have you problem with selecting right lotto numbers? I guess we all have 🙂 With this tool you can calculate most used numbers and try to achieve the winning line of numbers. Of course it's only random, but if you have some superstition it could be nice tool for you. And yeah, I also want to demonstrate how hard it could be to win jackpot. Try it yourself!

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Network Rendering Problem in Modo 601

Today I have spent time with Modo "network rendering" and my little "renderfarm" (4 machines). First It seemed that nothing happends, but after many try outs I got it to work! Now it's rendering with all machines but solution was weird, I recorded video from it, so maybe it can help you too. Now my little renderfarm rendering a little bit faster 🙂

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