Short time ago I coded script with PHP that build gallery from folder hierarchy. That's not the main point, but it leads me to the new idea to share my textures to all of you. That's!


This is not so unique idea or nothing like that. This is page where I want to put all textures that is made by me. I got this idea because I have tons of images on my hard disks and many of them is texture images. Of course those is raw images and usually those need to edit to make it more usable. So always when I edit my image textures to some project I'll drop it to the It's not only from images, it could be also some patterns and handmade effects in Photoshop.


TextureShot is very simple to use. There is multiple categories and sub-categories where textures is stored. So basicly that's it. Just click and get.

After you go category that have textures you'll get all textures that include that section. If there is many textures it will paginate those and show how many page there is in right side. Breadcrumb text will show where you currently are.

Fast Navigate

Unfortunately there isn't search option at this version yet. But I made a little option for faster navigation in page. You find this "Fast Navigate" button from left top corner "plus icon". After pressed you get all categories to folder tree view.

Texture Preview

You can preview texture image with just clicking the thumbnail. Thumbnail also tells you if texture is tiled version, size and download link.

Simple Licence

I do not like licences where user need to credit people and so on. I think it could be hard in some commercial cases to follow this. And I want to follow rules, so I usually use services that provides right licences for me. That's why I want to give textures to use without attribution limitation. It's nice if you mention me, but it's not necessary 😉

Read the licence and decide yourself.


Yes, there is many good texture sites already. Like Lost&Taken and CGTextures which are one of my favourites and they are inspired me a lot in this project. So I do not try to compete with the giants, just think it's better to share all those textures that I have made than lost them all in to my hard disks. Sharing is caring.