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Free Storyboard Template

I made "Storyboard Template" for my own usage and maybe someone finds it's useful too. There is two different sizes of the layout. Other is for the A4 print size and other is Full HD 1920x1080. Enjoy!

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Let Me to Introduce TextureShot.com

Short time ago I coded script with PHP that build gallery from folder hierarchy. That's not the main point, but it leads me to the new idea to share my textures to all of you. That's TextureShot.com!

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25.11.20121 Comment

Follow Vertex Position Blender Script

With this simple script you can "track" selected vertex. Script make an empty object that follows selected vertex position. This script work also with armature animation and that's the main reason why I made this simple experimental script.

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Blender CoinRig

Do you need to rig coin or bottle that have dynamic pivot point and where you can adjust angle? Just like if you drop coin or rotate bottle you can see that object bottom edge is the only one that touch the ground until it stops. This rig is my experimental test for this kind process and for one of my TV-ad idea.

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Frame numbers on images is great way to keep tracking what happening in different timings. Number indicator in frames is very used in video and animation pre-productions. I have faced situations where I need numbers but there is no option to show or produce them on to the image. Of course there is timeline, but I need to burn that frame number to the image itself. NUMBER2FRAME is tool that make you a little image sequence from your chosen frame range.

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Drops Normal Map and Mask

Do you need drops for the bottle? Today I want to share tiling drops "normal map" with "mask" that I have used in my latest modo work "Beer Bottle".

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