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My First Blender Add-on

I've been working with my first actual Blender add-on called Render Farts. Yes, the name is quite unique but I wanted to name it something funny. At the beginning of the prototype phase, it was named to Render Parts but that feels a little bit boring.

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12.10.2014No Comments

Stylizer – “The Magic Gun to Control Styles in Adobe Illustrator”

Here is a little "sneak peek" video from my upcoming Adobe Illustrator script called Stylizer.

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Python Basics Course Overview

Last week we have new intensive course "Python Basics" in school. I have some earlier coding experiences with Java, JavaScript, Action Script and PHP before. I always wanted to learn python because it's in use in Blender and Modo. So this was good point to start. Here is some tools and links that I have used in the course.

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Python Lotto

Have you problem with selecting right lotto numbers? I guess we all have 🙂 With this tool you can calculate most used numbers and try to achieve the winning line of numbers. Of course it's only random, but if you have some superstition it could be nice tool for you. And yeah, I also want to demonstrate how hard it could be to win jackpot. Try it yourself!

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30.09.2012No Comments

Date Value to Text Layer with After Effects Expression

Add current date and time value automatically to the text layer with a little expression. Automating things can save a lot of time. If you have big project and there is many values that need to change, you'll save time with little expressions in After Effects.

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