God’s Project Breakdown

I made this work for the newest BlenderGuru.com competition where's the topic is scifi! And yeah! I have always liked scifi genre and now I find some time to make new 3D personal project while I'm at holiday. So this post is small breakdown from this "God's Project" image and how I made it with 99% Blender (only some photography textures taken and edited from cgtextures.com).

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30.12.20121 Comment

Santa’s Workshop Breakdown

Houuu houuuu!... Yeah, I know Xmas is almost over, but this post related to Santa itself and his workshop... I made this image for blenderguru's Christmas 2012 competition. I made it just before I left to the Lapland on my Christmas holiday. I do not win that nice competition, but I got nice mention from Andrew 🙂

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The Turret Breakdown

The Turret was a camera tracking and a compositing training project. Camera tracking and Turret itself was made totally in Blender and main compositing I made in After Effects.

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Beer Bottle Breakdown

Summer vacation are almost over and final year in Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences starts at next week. This was my last training project with Modo in this vacation and what could be better topic than "Beer bottle" at the end 🙂 So check out what problems I have and what solutions I found for those.

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13.08.20121 Comment

Silkkinen Shampoo Breakdown

Hola! Today is a big day in my new "Modo life" again. It's a pleasure to show you some new stuff that I have made with Modo. My first modo training case was a still image, so now it is obvious that we need to move ahead and make some movement.

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Escape Breakdown

Everyone who's in creative sector knows that learning new program can be pain in the a**.  Usually that's because you don't have enough time to learn. And if you try to learn it now and then you forget everything after a while.

It's summer holiday here and good time for learn something new. So I decided to learn something new. Time for 3D program called Modo! I bought this great tool over year ago, but I hadn't never time to learn it until now. I started this learning session over week ago and I want to tell some parts of that process to you. So let's get started.

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