Game Project “The Crater”

Lately I have been working with game in my freetime. This is my personal project where I want to learn more about Unity and how the game development process going.

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Character Design and Moodboard for Big-O’s Show

This week I have collected some moodboard materials for the assets. I tried to find the correct mood and feeling for the short film visual style. I like the style of cartoon with the mid-realistic textures. And after I got some feeling about characters I started to skecth them... So here we go!

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Project Diary for Big-O’s Show

It's been a while since I have posted about this project. I have been busy with orher stuff, but now I found some time to make some diary update. Biggest change since last post is new name for the short film. So let me introduce "Big-O's Show".

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Animatic and Layout for Big-O’s Show

This week was creative

In this week I have done mainly things that related straight to the story. I have planned shots, done animatic from the storyboard and started the layout. There is so much to do before I can start to make the "real" 3d job, but I think these phases teach me a lot about whole short film process.

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Storyboarding and Planning for Big-O’s Show

This week was filled with storyboarding and planning for "Talent Night" short film. I bought program that is only intended for the storyboarding, so I tell couple words about it. There is also some templates for planning of your short film that I have done. I shared 'em in Google Docs, so you can use them.

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New Project Called Talent Night

This week has been quite busy. There is so much scheduling, sketching and planning with my new project called "Talent Night". Guess what? It's a new animated short film project! In next four months I'll focusing only to this project and keep my strictly on the screen. Read more about what I've done in this week.

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